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Willow E-file Prime - White

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Willow E-file Prime

This mains powered table top machine is one of the highest spec of its kind on the market with an impressive true torque & high rpm. 

"It's powerful, refined & top Willow Quality" 

Here at Willow we are so proud of everything we develop & we want the absolute best for our industry and Willow Family. This is why we speak the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth when it come to the specs and the important details. We have been testing table top machines for 2 years now and working on our table top E-file since 2020 and we promise it does not disappoint.

Perfection takes time...

The Details:

  • 38,000rpm
  • 3.2 ncm True Torque
  • Table top - mains powered
  • 80W
  • Electricity Volt: 220-240v
  • UK Plug 
  • Carbon Brush motor hand piece - finished with Willow Engraving
  • LCD Speed & Direction Display
  • Large Speed control button for an easier operating experience
  • Forward & Reverse
  • Foot Pedal option
  • A 12 E-file bit hole holder built into the top of the control box
  • Original machine design - the first in the UK

* Please note that discount codes are not applicable to the E-file Prime 

Willow E-file Prime - White