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"DAWN" The Ultimate Large Barrel - 5mm - Medium

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"The Ultimate Large Barrel" - 5mm

Our brand new diamond bit range for the Ultimate user. 

Our new range with cooling grooves making them last 1.5 times as long, premium finish giving them featherlight soft touch for the client but with ultimate performance. 

This large barrel shape is the perfect shape and size for removing pterygium from the nail plate of toes as well as lifting the proximal nail fold in place of the cuticle pusher for fingers as well. Best suited to clients with more cuticle. The flat top insures no vision restriction when manoeuvring and its large belly cuts down timings. 

  • Diamond Bit 
  • 100% Tungsten Steel
  • Cuticle Bit 
  • Barrel shape 
  • 5mm 
  • Cooling grooves
  • Medium Grade 
  • Suitable for Manicure & Pedicure 
  • Step 1 piece 
  • Perfect for separating the skin from the nail plate 
  • Better suited to clients with excess skin 
  • Standard shaft width of 3/32" 
  • Fits all E-file Machines 

The bit must be cleaned periodically to remain sharp by following the manufacturer's instructions. E-file bits usually last 2-3 months but this can vary dependent on how busy you are. 


  • Use warm soapy water to remove the dust and product debris from within the grits flutes and teeth. 
  • Once the bit is fully clean you can use your preferred sterilising method. 
  • We suggest using our "Willow Spray & Go!" system
  • If soaking in Barbicide please only steep for the recommended time, over-steeping can dull your drill bits. 
  • Once sterilised, dry the pieces and store in your Willow Container 
  • Alternatively, after cleaning your pieces with warm soapy water you can use a UV sterilising cabinet. 


"DAWN" The Ultimate Large Barrel - 5mm - Medium