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The Purple Carbide Kit

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The Purple Carbide Kit: 

Our 5 bit Willow Kit but specially coated! 

The layer has a two tone purple & bronze appearance which protects the bits from oxidisation, meaning they last twice as long as regular E-file Bits.

The kit is made up of 5 pieces: 

The Purple Willow:

  • Speciality Carbide
  • Tornado shape
  • Purple coating that protects the bit against oxide, making it last twice as long 
  • Extra Coarse grade 
  • Safety piece 
  • Best for Infills of Builder, Hard Gel & Acrylic. 
  • Suitable for full removals & debulking of Builder, Hard gel, Acryl-gel & Acrylics. 


The Green Smoothie:

  • Speciality Carbide
  • Rugby Shape 
  • Coarse Grade
  • Safety Piece 
  • Best for infills & product removals
  • Suitable for the removal of Gel Polish with Rubber/strengthener base coat. Infills of Builder, Hard Gel, Acryl-gel & Acrylics. 
  • Benefits are removing superficial layers without disturbing your base


The Blue-Bell Bit: 

  • Carbide Bit
  • Cross Cut
  • Flame Shape
  • Safety piece 
  • Medium Grade  
  • Best for Infills, product removal & refining Acrylic
  • Suitable for the removal of Gel Polish with normal base coat, rubber base coat & strengthener layer. The infills of Builder & Hard Gel. 


The Penultimate Bit: 

  • Carbide Bit 
  • Cross Cut
  • Safety piece
  • Fine grade 
  • Domed Top Barrel 
  • Best for infills, refining & product removals.
  • Suitable for the removal of Gel Polish with normal base, rubber base & strengthened layer. Infills of Builder & refining Acrylic & Hard Gel. 


The Wee Bit: 

  • Carbide Bit 
  • Cross Cut
  • Small Cone shape
  • Medium Grade
  • Safety piece
  • Best for making the product around the cuticle area & side walls flush, the removal of gems, reducing flooded product & removing the natural nail from under an extension. 


The kit consists our best pieces to make your job more effective, cost efficient and kinder on your body as well as your pocket. 

The bits must be cleaned periodically to remain sharp, by following the manufacturer's instructions. Purple E-file bits usually last 4-6 months but this can vary dependent on how busy you are. However, this range lasts twice as long as the recommended replacement time. 



  • Pop your pieces in for a cleaning cycle in your Willow Ultra Cleanse
  • Use warm soapy water, our Spit-Spot-Bit-Pot and our Willow Brass Brush to remove the dust and product debris from within the grits, flutes and teeth. 
  • Do not allow the bit to air dry!
  • Once the bit is fully clean and dry you can use your preferred sterilising method. 
  • We recommend our "Willow Spray & Go" system as the less time your bits spend immersed in solution, the better!
  • Lay your E-file bits on a towel and evenly spray the Spray & Go over all of the bits.
  • Roll the bits over and spray evenly again.
  • If soaking in barbicide please only steep for the recommended time, over-steeping can dull your drill bits.
  • Wait 2 mins and then dry all of your bits thoroughly by hand (do not leave to  air dry)
  • Store in your bit case or bit book.

How do I know I need a new drill bit? 

If the bit you are using originally took 1-2 swipes along the nail to penetrate the product and now is taking 2,3+ swipes to penetrate the product it's now time for a new bit. You may also be taking longer or you may be starting to feel more body wear and tear because you are having to work harder to penetrate the product. 

All drill bits are also available to purchase separately. 

The Purple Carbide Kit