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The 5 in 1 - X Coarse

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"The 5 in 1"  - how does it have 5 benefits in one? 

This is how: it has three grades, it is a safety bit with a specially R-cut top tooth and it is a two-way piece, meaning it works in forward and reverse for left handed and right handed, with the added bonus that it has the speciality coating, making it last twice as long! 

This piece is perfect for Infills of Builder, hard gel and Acrylic. The full removal of builder, hard gel, acrylic and full cover tips.



    • Consisting of three grits, Extra Coarse at the base, coarse on the belly and Medium at the tip
    • Cylindrical flat top barrel
    • Right handed & left handed piece
    • Safety Bit Carbide (R-cut)
    • 100% Tungsten Steel
    • Fits all E-file Machines
    • Standard shaft width of 3/32"

      Life Span


      • Purple - Speciality coating protecting them against oxidization and making the bit last twice as long. (4-6 months)


      Recommended Cleaning


      Step 1. 

      Use warm soapy water, our Spit-Spot-Bit-Pot and our Willow Brass Brush to remove the dust and product debris from within the grits, flutes and teeth. Alternatively, put them into your Ultra Sonic Cleaner with some detergent on the relevant cycle. 


      Step 2. 

      Now it's time for your preferred disinfecting or sterilising method. We recommend our "Willow Spray & Go 2 in 1" system as the less time your bits spend immersed in solution, the better! Lay your E-file bits on a towel and evenly spray, role them over & spray again. If you are using a soaking system please only steep for the recommended time only, over-steeping will dull your E-file bits.


      Step 3.

      Wait 2 mins and then dry all of your bits thoroughly by hand (do not leave to  air dry). Store in your bit case or bit book.


      How do I know when I need a new bit?

      If the bit you are using originally took 1-2 swipes along the nail to penetrate the product and now is taking 2,3+then it's now time for a new piece. Your removal will take longer & you will start to feel physical wear and tear on your body. 

        The 5 in 1 - X Coarse