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Willow Buffer Discs - 240 grit

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Willow Buffer-Discs - Fine 240 Grit - Box of 48

Introducing The Willow must have that every nail enthusiast needs in their kit!

This is a cleaner and more effective way to "Buff" finger nails & toe nails or further reduce and refine calluses and hard skin of the foot. Not only that, but it's throw-away! 

  • NO more hand held buffers
  • NO more vigorous arm actions getting you nowhere fast
  • NO more wasted time scrubbing buffers between treatments 
  • NO more dirty looking buffer that never looks clean
  • NO more waste throwing away due to "one per client guidelines" 

These clever little Buffer Discs are made in the same best quality Buffer material as our hand held Buffers. They are available in a fine grade of 240 grit.


* Please note:
To use these discs with your e-file machine, please also purchase the 20mm pedi-disc holder which is sold separately.


They are easy to apply as they have a peel-able self-adhesive backing to help attach it to our existing "Disk Holder". Or when buffing nails it must be adhered to our ultimate file (not the pedi-disc holder.)

It's as simple as: peel, apply, buff & throw away!


  • The same high quality buffer material
  • Available in 240 Grit
  • 20mm Disk Size
  • Can only be used when fitted to our Pedi-Disk Holder or Willow ultimate file
  • 48 disks in a box 
  • That means 48 clients at 14p per clients compared to traditional hand buffers at £1.20
  • Perfect for removing hard skin & reducing calluses, refining rough skin 
  • Buffing nails 
  • One per client 
  • Throw away between each client 
  • Less waste
  • Recommended for feet 10-15rpm dependent on the skin. This can vary by skin type and torque of your machine

How to use them to buff finger nails:

1. Peel of the backing to reveal the sticky back of the buffer 

2. Apply the buffer disk to your Metal ultimate file right on the very end

3. Buff until your hearts content, then peel off and throw away!

Willow Buffer Discs - 240 grit