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Willow Pro Tool Warranty Information

Willow Pro Tool Warranty Information


  • Your new Willow Pro Tool is covered by a 3-month warranty (Warranty Period) for manufacturing faults starting from the date the product is delivered to you (Warranty). This Warranty Period provides coverage for the original product purchased from us, and any replacements you may be entitled to. However, any replacements shall be subject to the same Warranty Period start time, and do not attract a new Warranty Period.


  • All repairs claimed under the Warranty are subject to assessment by the Willow Team. For you to claim under this Warranty, you must provide us with the opportunity to have the product assessed. If you do not send the product back to us (at our expense), then this may invalidate the Warranty.


  • When an item is sent to us to be assessed or repaired, we are not obliged to provide a replacement/loan item to keep your business operating. It is up to you to make arrangements for replacement Pro Tools and we are not liable for loss of earnings during this period of time. We always suggest having spare Pro Tools in your possession in order to avoid being without one unexpectedly.


  • Repairs that are caused by accidental damage, user error, incorrect maintenance (such as corrosion, water based or otherwise), disassembly or general wear and tear are not covered by the Warranty and you will be solely responsible for ensuring that your Pro Tools are used in the appropriate manner and replaced when wear and tear is starting to show.


  • Goods that are gifted through a customer resolution case DO NOT come with any form of Warranty.


  • This Warranty may not apply to international customers and we therefore urge you to please contact us with enquiries and quote your country. We will then endeavour to assist you in any way we can.


  • This Warranty is non-transferable and is only available to the original customer named on the proof of purchase. You must provide us with your original order number when claiming under this Warranty.


  • If your claim under this Warranty is deemed accepted by us, then we will endeavour to resolve your issue within 14 days from the date that it is confirmed by our assessor that the fault is in fact due to a manufacturing issue.


  • Nothing in this Warranty voids your rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

  • Aftercare: Please follow the care care guidelines provided with your new tool We do not recommend steeping Willow Pro tools in blue-style disinfectants/solutions.

  • Correct Use: Tools should  only be used as intended and should not be used on any material such as foil, paper etc. For example, cuticle nippers are for trimming cuticles only. Misuse will cause premature blunting.

  • Chemical Damage: Damage from chemicals such as blue-style disinfectants, hypochlorous, and hydrogen peroxide is not covered and we cannot replace tools that have been damaged in this way.