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Gold Willow Pro Push

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NEW Gold Willow Pro Push

Introducing our dual-ended “Willow Way” Cuticle Pusher in Gold colour to aid you in your electric Mani-pedi.

We support “your way” and if that’s combining traditional methods with E-file techniques then we have you covered:

  • One end perfectly contoured to fit the natural nail plate for push back ease. This is a soft edge with no blade, not for scraping along the plate but to aid you in pushing back the fold. 
  • Second angle blade for dead cuticle removal and hard to reach areas
  • Made from medical grade/surgical quality stainless steel
  • Handmade by talented crafts men (no white label here)
  • Finished in our beautiful matt Gold colour & Willow Branding 

Recommended Cleaning:

  • Wash in warm soapy water 
  • Then clean with either our "Willow Wipes"or "Willow Spray & Go" for 2 minutes 
  • After washing them, you will need to hand dry your nippers - do not leave them to air dry
  • It is essential that you buff your tools with oil and a microfibre cloth regularly to keep them in top condition

Please note:

These tools are hand crafted so the finish and font can vary. The finish is matt and not glossy so they require care and attention to keep them at their best. Please make sure that you oil the spring mechanism regularly to keep it working properly.

    Gold Willow Pro Push