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The Ultimate E-file Course - Hertfordshire

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The Ultimate E-file Course
This ABT accredited full-day course is the most extensive one day E-file training available. The day is jam packed with all the E-file techniques and skills you need, no matter which system you use. You will be taught a combination of theory and practical hands-on skills and you will leave ready to use your E-file skills on your clients - safely and confidently. 

Why choose the Willow Ultimate E-file Course?
We are the UK's leading E-file specialists, which means that our unrivalled knowledge, technology and tools will give you the best possible start to your E-file journey. We offer the most comprehensive E-file training available, giving you the chance to use up to 30 different E-file bits, and all the theory behind them. 

The course is taught in-person in small, friendly classes in a supportive environment. You will have the opportunity to discuss your way of working with your educator, to ensure that you leave feeling confident about using your skills back in the workplace. Your learning will not end there though - you will continue to receive support through our online student hub.

The Willow Student Hub
After your course, you will have access to our Student Hub, which offers ongoing online support to Ultimate E-file Course graduates. On the Hub, you will have access to our step-by-step training videos, so that you can go back and check your learning at your own pace. Plus you will also have access to the Willow Educator Team, who are there to answer any questions you might have, supporting you as you continue your E-file journey.                                         

What's the format?
The course runs from 10am-4pm. In the morning session, we will cover safe and effective product removal using a host of Willow carbide bits. The afternoon session will cover cuticle work. At the end of the course, your educator will ensure that you can demonstrate the correct and safe use of your E-file and you will receive an ABT accredited certificate.

 What will I learn practically?

  • Gel Polish Removal (using 5 e-file bits) 
  • Length reduction (your choice of e-file bit)
  • Product refinement before application (using 4 e-file bits)
  • Removal of lifting (your choice of e-file bit)
  • Prepping the natural nail (using 5 e-file bits)
  • Cuticle work - Step 1 (using 5 e-file bits)
  • Cuticle work - Step 2 (using 5 e-file bits)
  • Cuticle work - Step 3 (using 4 e-file bits)
  • Full removal/ Debulk (using choice of 2 e-file bits) 
  • Cleaning up polish/leaked product (using 1 e-file bit)
  • Removing the natural nail from under an extension (using 1 e-file bit) 
  • Prepping a full cover tip ready for application (using 1 e-file bit)
  • Refining a full cover tip (using 1 e-file bit)
  • Cutting Designs (using 1 e-file bit)
  • Nail Piercing (using 1 e-file bit) 

Which bits will I learn to use?
During the course, you will be able to use up to 30 different Willow E-file bits, so that you will find the pieces that work best for you.


 What theory will I learn?

  • Servicing your e-file
  • How to care for your e-file machine
  • Brushless vs brush motor hand pieces
  • Sourcing your e-file
  • Cheaper E-files vs quality
  • Torque vs Rpms
  • E-file machine anatomy
  • Cleaning & hygiene
  • Carbide bits
  • Coatings, lifespan, shapes and grits explained
  • Speciality carbides
  • Flute formations, cuts and directions
  • Ceramic bits for product & cuticle work
  • Quality Vs cheap e-file bits
  • Sanding bands
  • Diamond bits
  • Dust brushes, silicon bits & pumice stone
  • The Willow way & the Combi-manicure
Preparing for your course
Here's what you need to know to prepare for the day:

What do I need to bring?

A Willow E-file machine will be provided for you to use on the course. This means that you have the chance to learn all about E-file before you make the investment in an E-file machine.

You will need to purchase the The Willow E-file Course Kit Bundle, and we will also provide a range of extra bits for you to try on the day.

There is NO model required - you will work on yourself so that you can properly understand how the different techniques should feel when performed correctly.

You must arrive with the correctly prepared nails - you will receive detailed instructions in your pre-course pack

You must have a qualification in either (but not all): Gel polish, Hard gel or Acrylic enhancements


Required qualifications
The Willow Ultimate E-file Course is suitable for beginners and those looking to refresh or convert their e-file skills. You must have a qualification in either (but not all): Gel polish, Hard gel or Acrylic enhancements.

This full day course runs from 10am - 4pm with a half hour break for lunch. 

This course is hosted by Ella Aukett at

Els Gels, 2A The Square, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, CM21 9AE

Class size

Maximum of 4

Kit required
The E-file Course Kit Bundle

Once you have completed your booking we will send you a Pre-Course Pack which includes everything you need to know to start you off on your E-file journey. 

Please note: Courses are non-refundable & location is non-transferable. Please read our TERMS & CONDITIONS carefully before booking.

This Willow course is not designed for the teaching of Educators or trainers or for anyone who has worked as an educator, even if you don't intend to teach E-file. The course is intended solely for the use of individual nail technicians, who attend the course for the purposes of learning E-file for their own use on their clients. Please contact Willow if you are an educator and you would like to attend this course.

The Ultimate E-file Course - Hertfordshire