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E-Pedi Expert Course - Stoke-on-Trent


Are you ready to become an E-Pedi Expert? 


The Willow E-Pedi Expert course is fully updated and improved for 2024.

During this one day course, we will go through all the stages of a successful E-Pedi, including: theory, consultation, area set up, correct pedicure procedure and follow up steps. Here at Willow, we are advocates for the "Willow Way" this means working "Your Way". If you wish to solely use E-file for prep, we have got you covered. If you would like to use a combination of E-file prep and traditional methods, then we are here to support you every step of the way. There is no right or wrong, it's all about using the method that suits you and we adapt our teaching to each student to complement this.

In small intimate classes, you will be taught, observed and guided by Jemma Ball, our Stoke-on-Trent Willow Educator. At the end of the day you will be awarded your ABT accredited certificate on successful completion of the practical elements. You will then be ready to perform E-Pedi safely and effectively on your clients. 



What are the benefits of an E-Pedi?

  • It creates a more focused bespoke treatment rather than a generic pedicure that gives an overall pamper of the foot.
  • It allows you to pinpoint and focus on the reduction of problem areas of the foot
  • No more vigorous arm actions to get the job done, the exfoliation is created by the revolutions of the E-file and the technology within the specialised E-file bits
  • No need for water, bowls and messy products creating a hygienically controlled environment
  • A more comfortable and pleasant experience, not pressure for sensitive clients, no tickling sensations, comfort conscious as the client and tech will work without bending
  • No need for blades, peels and thousands of products to restock and replenish constantly
  • Fantastic for fast and comfortable reduction of callused areas and fissures/cracks



What will be covered?

  • The different types of Pedicure E-file Bits
  • The various materials Pedicure E-file bits are made from, how they are manufactured, their benefits, properties, longevity and how they compare to manual tooling
  • The different styles of Pedicure E-file bits, their uses, shapes, with grits/grades explained
  • Recommended speeds, pressures and angles of use for each bit
  • Recommended speed for various skin types, how to recognise the skin types and bits suited
  • Recommended angles/pressures, actions and directions for each bit
  • E-file Health & Safety including hygiene and safe practice
  • How to set up your Pedicure area for quick economical treatment
  • How to clean, how often and how to best store your E-file bits
  • How to prep/season your E-file bits and recognise when you need to replace them
  • E-file machines explained, what the various buttons/dials do & how to use your specific machine.
  • E-file RPM vs Torque explained and why it is important when sourcing your E-file
  • E-file hand pieces, the differences in models, how to extend their life & servicing



What will I learn during the Practical session?

  • How to pin-point problem areas in consultation and plan your course of treatment prior
  • How to plan your clients' future treatments and set plans of action so they understand
  • How to reduce hard skin, calluses and improve cracks and fissures over a period of time
  • How to extract compacted dead skin cells from under the free edge and side walls
  • How to polish areas of skin and adapt your treatment for all skin types
  • Toes: How to separate the dead protein from the nail plate safely using various diamond bits
  • Toes: How to remove dead protein safely using various diamond bits and combi-manicure
  • How to polish the surrounding skin using various E-file bits in conjunction with products


What will I need?

  • You will need the "Willow E-Pedi Course Kit Bundle" which will include: The E-Pedi Kit, The Cuticle Kit, Pedi-scoop, The Pedi-discs (240 grit & 180 grit), The Disc Holder 25mm
  • NO model required - you will work on others in the session as well as be a model (there may be students that don't have the treatment done on themselves, this can be requested at booking)
  • You MUST have NO nail enhancements/polish on your toes - Naked nails please!
  • They must also be in need of cuticle work
  • Please wear professional attire or appropriate clothing to administer/receive a treatment in
  • You must have a qualification in E-file. This does not have to be a Willow E-file qualification but must be from a reputable accredited provider.

This is a beginner cosmetic E-Pedi course and does not teach chiropody or medical pedicures. 




Required qualifications
The Willow Ultimate E-Pedi Course is suitable for technicians already qualified in E-file. You must  have an accredited E-file qualification to do the course.

This full day course runs from 10am - 4pm with a half hour break for lunch. 

The course is hosted by Jemma Ball at Jemma Elizabeth Beauty, 492-494 Hartshill Road, Stoke On Trent, ST4 6AD

Class size
Maximum of 6

Kit required
You will need to purchase the E-Pedi Course Kit Bundle to bring to the course

Once you have completed your booking you will have access to a downloadable Pre-Course Pack which includes everything you need to know to start you off on your E-file journey. 

Please note: Courses are non-refundable & location is non-transferable. Please read our TERMS & CONDITIONS carefully before booking.

Please read our terms and conditions before booking.


This Willow course is not designed for the teaching of Educators or trainers or for anyone who has worked as an educator, even if you don't intend to teach E-file. The course is intended solely for the use of individual nail technicians, who attend the course for the purposes of learning E-file for their own use on their clients. Please contact Willow if you are an educator and you would like to attend this course. 

E-Pedi Expert Course - Stoke-on-Trent