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"Dust The Two Of Us"

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“DUST THE TWO OF US”  Pack of 10

You can now protect your E-file hand-piece bearings from dust by applying our silicone “Dust the two of us” caps onto each e-file bit.

These little gems are hard to remove so you will need to have one per bit.



1. Choose your desired e-file bit.

2. Apply “Dust the Two of us” with the tapered end towards the head of the bit and the wider end towards your hand-piece.

3. Slide with pressure to your preferred height on your drill bit shaft - make sure it it is far enough on to put your bit into the hand-piece, having your bit too far out can be dangerous and cause vibration.

4. Apply into your e-file machine as normal and make sure dust protector is as close as possible to your machine but, so it can protect it, but not touching.



If you are struggling to apply your “Dust the two of us” you can gently warm the cap with a hair dryer. Do not worry, they are supposed to be hard to manoeuvre - warming it can soften the cap for an easier fit.

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"Dust The Two Of Us"