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Gold Willow Nail Clipp

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Directions for use 

The Willow Pro Clipp is designed to reduce the length of nails.

Position the Clipp parallel to the free edge and snip in small sections being careful to avoid the hyponychium.

The Details

  • Curved blade
  • Safety flip handle
  • Made from medical grade stainless steel
  • For reduction of nail length only 

Recommended Cleaning


Wash in warm soapy water to remove any debris. Dry with a cloth thoroughly, do not leave to air-dry. 


Once dried, lay your tools on your Willow Towel with the joins open. Spray evenly with your spray & Go! Roll your tools over, spray the opposite side, wait 2 minutes and go! Alternatively, wipe all areas and inside the joins with your Willow Wipes. Dry with a cloth thoroughly, do not leave to air-dry. 


Open the joints of your tool and spray evenly using your tool tonic or appropriate tool oil. Open and close the joints to ensure even dispersal throughout. Then buff in the remaining oil with your microfibre cloth over the surface of the entire tool to ensure optimum shine and hydration. 

Please note:
Our tools are hand crafted so the finish and font can vary. Please make sure that you oil the spring mechanism regularly to keep it working properly.

Gold Willow Nail Clipp