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Willow Academy

The Gel Polish - with Rubber Base - Bit Bundle


Gel Polish Bit Bundle

For those unsure, switched systems or simply want to try something new we have popped together "Bit Bundles" suited to different systems needs! 

They are a handy collection to save you doing the research and some pennies!

Usually £38.00 plus vat when sold individually

Bundle price £33.00 plus vat  


"The Green Smoothie" - Coarse -

Removal of colour only leaving the base coat intact. 

  • Speciality Carbide
  • Rugby Shape 
  • Coarse Grade
  • Safety Piece 
  • RIGHT HANDED PIECE if you require left handed please add to notes
  • Benefits are removing superficial layers without disturbing your base
  • Perfect for: Removing Gel polish, infills of any product, debulking.

"The Mini Smoothie" - Fine - 

Removal of colour on toes only, leaving base coat intact.

  • Removing Gel Polish from the natural nail 
  • Perfect for Gel/Acrylic Toe removals and also small Fingernails! 
  • Removal of small areas of product lifting
  • For the removal of product only (must not touch the natural nail) 
  • Fine Grade
  • Safety Carbide Bit 
  • Speciality piece
  • Right handed use only
  • Tin coated so I last twice as long

The kit is compiled of our best pieces to make your job more effective, cost efficient and easier on your body as well as your pocket. 

The bit must be cleaned periodically to remain sharp by following the manufacturer's instructions. Drill bits usually last 2-3 months but this can vary dependent on how busy you are. 

But remember, diamond like coating makes them last 4 times as long!


  • Use warm soapy water to remove the dust and product debris from within the grits flutes and teeth. 
  • Once the bit is fully clean you can use your preferred sterilising method. 
  • We recommend our "Willow Spray & Go" system as the less time your bits spend in solution the better!
  • If soaking in Barbicide please only steep for the recommended time, over-steeping can dull your drill bits. 
  • Once sterilised, dry the pieces and store in your Willow Container 
  • Alternatively, after cleaning your pieces with warm soapy water you can use a UV sterilising cabinet. 


How do I know I need a new drill bit? 

If the bit you are using originally took 1-2 swipes along the nail to penetrate the product and now is taking 2,3+ swipes to penetrate, it's now time for a new bit. You may also be taking longer, or you may be starting to feel more body wear and tear because you are having to work harder to penetrate the product. 

All drill bits are also available to purchase separately. 


The Gel Polish - with Rubber Base - Bit Bundle