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E-Pedi Expert - Online Course


The Willow Home Educate E-Pedi Expert online course is the ideal learning opportunity for busy techs, looking to qualify in E-Pedi from the comfort of their own home or salon. 


Aimed at already qualified e-file enthusiasts, Willow Home Educate is available worldwide allowing you to watch our courses whenever and wherever suits you best. Just like our face to face courses, this online course is fully accredited by ABT (ABT accreditation is valid in the UK, please see details below for international students.) 

What is an E-Pedi Treatment?
An E-Pedi is a focused bespoke pedicure treatment rather than a generic pedicure that gives an overall pamper of the foot. A more comfortable experience, no pressure for sensitive clients, no tickling sensations, comfort conscious for the tech & client. It allows you to pinpoint and focus on the reduction of problem areas such as Calluses & Fissures/cracks without the need of soaking, blades, peels and thousands of products to restock and replenish constantly.

For e-file qualified techs only, this course is designed to quickly and effectively provide the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently and safely get qualified in E-Pedi, without having to travel or take time out of your busy schedule.


I'm not based in the UK, can I take this course?
Yes - absolutely. As this is an online and self paced course, it is ideal for international students. You just need to make sure that you have the relevant qualifications for your country of residence. Please email us at for more information.


Step-by step lessons
This online course will give you access to 10 individual step-by-step lessons which will guide you through all the equipment, techniques, health and safety and correct procedures that will leave you ready to perform E-Pedi like an expert. You will be given modules and test to complete as well as case studies and a final assessment. Once you start, you will have 24 weeks to complete your course.

Every step of the way you will have access to a Willow educator who will provide detailed feedback to ensure that you are using your new skills correctly, safely and effectively. 

The E-Pedi Expert Online course includes:

  • 10 modules that include 8 manuals and 5 videos that you can watch and rewatch at your own pace whenever you want, ensuring that you learn at the right time and the best pace for you

  • 7 online tests to make sure that you have fully absorbed and understood the information, giving you confidence that you are learning correctly before moving through the stages of the course, these are multiple choice online tests and you will have the chance to redo them as many times as you need

  • 4 case studies ensuring that you have hands on experience. Your case studies will be assessed by a member of the Willow Educator team who will provide detailed individual feedback


Course Structure:


Methods of Cleaning (Theory)
Theory test to complete (multiple choice)



Servicing & Machine Anatomy (Theory)
Theory test to complete (multiple choice)



Health & Safety (Theory)
Theory test to complete (multiple choice)



What is an E-Pedi? (Theory)
Theory test to complete (multiple choice)
Who is not suitable for an E-Pedi? (Theory)
Theory test to complete (multiple choice)



E-Pedi E-file pieces explained (Theory)
Theory test to complete (multiple choice)
Diamond bits, carbides, ceramic & pumice stone bits (Theory)
Theory test to complete (multiple choice)



How to foot map (Theory)
How to foot map (Video)
How to foot map (Consultation Card template)
How to foot map case study assessment (Online submission)



Pedi Scoop step by step (Theory)
Callus Softener application & Pedi-scoop  (Video)
Pedi-scoop case study assessment (Online submission)



Trimming the free edge, shaping the free edge (Video)
Step 1 cuticle piece & step 2 cuticle piece step by step (Video)
Prepping the nail plate step by step (Video)



Reducing Calluses step by step (Theory)
Reducing Calluses Step by step (Video)
Reducing Calluses case study assessment (Online submission)



Reducing cracks/fissures (Theory)
Reducing cracks/fissures (Video)
Reducing cracks/fissures case study assessment (Online submission)


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E-Pedi Expert - Online Course