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Natural Nail Tech Online E-file Course


The Natural Nail Tech Online E-file Course is the ideal learning opportunity for busy nail techs looking to improve their e-file knowledge and skills from the comfort of their own home or salon.  Aimed at already qualified e-file enthusiasts, Willow Home Educate is available worldwide allowing you to watch our courses whenever and wherever suits you best.  Just like our face to face courses, this online course is fully accredited by ABT (ABT accreditation is valid in the UK, please see details below for international students.) 


Is the Natural Nail E-file Course best for you?
This E-file course is suited to nail technicians who only do natural nail treatments such as the Gel Polish system and includes extensive cuticle work routines. Not products that require infills. After you complete the course, you will receive a Willow Certificate accredited by ABT.


Who is this course for?
For e-file qualified techs only, this course is for those who have already learned E-file but want to convert to the Willow way, or for anyone wanting to refresh or bolster their existing E-file knowledge. We will always be advocates for face to face e-file training for beginners, but for those who are already qualified we have listened to your feedback and we know that you may have already learned e-file, but more knowledge and understanding of this incredible tool will only improve your skills and your confidence.

Perhaps you don't have complete confidence that you are working correctly or efficiently, or you feel that something was missing from your original training. Whatever the reason, we have listened and this online course is for you. 


I'm not based in the UK, can I take this course?
Yes - absolutely. As this is an online and self paced course, it is ideal for international students. You just need to make sure that you have the relevant qualifications for your country of residence. Please email us at for more information.


How is the course delivered?
This online course will give you access to 7 individual step-by-step lessons which will guide you through all the equipment, techniques, health and safety and correct procedures that will leave you ready to perform e-file at the next level. You will be given modules and tests to complete as well as case studies and a final assessment. Once you begin your course, you will have 24 weeks to complete it.


The Online E-file Course includes:

    • 7 Modules that include 7 manuals and 5 videos that you can watch and rewatch at your own pace whenever you want, ensuring that you learn at the right time and the best pace for you

    • 7 online tests to make sure that you have fully absorbed and understood the information, giving you confidence that you are learning correctly before moving through the stages of the course, these are multiple choice online tests and you will have the chance to redo them as many times as you need

    • 7 assessments ensuring that you have hands on experience. Your case studies will be assessed by a member of the Willow Educator team who will provide detailed individual feedback


Will I have access to a Willow Educator?
Every step of the way you will have access to your own dedicated Willow educator who will provide detailed feedback to ensure that you are using your e-file correctly, safely and effectively. Your educator will give you personalised feedback to help guide you with your personal professional development.


What's covered in the Willow Home Educate E-file Course?



  • Methods of Cleaning (Theory)
  • Theory test to complete (Multiple choice)


  • Servicing & Machine Anatomy (Theory)
  • Theory test to complete (Multiple choice)



  • Health & Safety (Theory)
  • Theory test to complete (Multiple choice)



Carbides & Ceramic Pieces (Theory)

4.1: Gel Polish Removal

  • Gel Polish Removal step by step (Theory)
  • Gel Polish Removal Step by step (Video)
  • Gel Polish Removal Case Study Assessment (Online submission)

4.2: Length Reduction

  • Length reduction step by step (Theory)
  • Length reduction step by step (Video)
  • Length reduction Case Study Assessment (Online submission)


    MODULE 5
    • Sanding Bands, Buffer bands, mandrels, brushes, Pumice stone & silicon pieces (Theory)
    • Prepping the natural nail (Theory)
    • Prepping the natural nail (Video)
    • Prepping the natural nail case study assessment (Online submission)


      MODULE 6

      • Understanding Skin types (Theory)
      • Theory test to complete (Multiple choice)


      MODULE 7

      Diamond bits (Theory)

      7.1: Step 1 Pieces

      • Step 1 pieces (Theory)
      • Step 1 pieces theory test to complete (Multiple choice)

      7.2: Step 2 Pieces

      • Step 2 pieces (Theory)
      • Step 2 pieces theory test to complete (Multiple choice)

      7.3: Step 3 Pieces         

      • Step 3 pieces (Theory)
      • Step 3 pieces Theory test to complete (Multiple choice)


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