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"Ebony" - Medium TWO WAY

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"Ebony" bit now in our new Diamond like coating and get works for right handed and left handed techs!



  • Specialty Carbide
  • Tornado shaped
  • Medium grade 
  • Safety piece 
  • Fits all E-file machines 
  • Standard shaft width of 3/32"
  • Used for BIAB infills, Acrylic infills, Hard gel infills, debulking any product
  • Full removals of BIAB, Hardgel, Acrygel & Acrylics. 


The bit must be cleaned periodically to remain sharp, by following the manufacturer's instructions. Drill bits usually last 2-3 months but this can vary dependent on how busy you are.  Remember, if they are Diamond coated they last 4 times as long as the time above! 



"Ebony" - Medium TWO WAY