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Nail Art Brushes


Our Brand New Design!

If you loved our previous nail art brushes then you will love their upgrade.

We know how much you all love your greenery!

So here are our NEW bang on brand Nail art & Product application brushes!

White nail art brush with lid. Its white coating has a hint of sparkle and is complemented with encapsulated dried white and green flowers inside a liquid and clear handle. 

Available in: 

  • 5mm Fine Line 
  • 9mm Fine Liner
  • 13mm Fine Liner 
  • Flat Brush (One stroke or gel application) 
  • Round Gel Brush 
  • Size 8 Acrylic Brush (Kolinsky)
  • Angle Brush (Coming Soon) 

Brushes are exactly the same as our previous design but with upgraded handle. All brushes are made of synthetic hairs apart for the Acrylic brush which is Kolinsky. 

Nail Art Brushes