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Baby Bands Black - Fine 240 grit

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Our brand new Baby Bands are finally here. 


The Benefits 

      • For more viability by using a narrower head 
      • Easy prep for narrow side walls 
      • Easier prep for tiny toes 
      • Fits inside all sizes of full cover tips 

Baby Bands Black:

    • Fine Grade = 240 grit  
    • Used for light refining of product
    • perfect for prepping the natural nail plate
    • Made of the same abrasive paper as Willow Nail files 
    • The material is silicon carbide 
    • Adhered around a barrel using an Eco-friendly Glue
    • Designed for single use only (1 per client) 
    • Comes in a box of 100
    • 3.1mm band size 
    • Mandrel sold separately (Baby Mandrel)
    • Recommended Speed: 5rpm 

Baby Bands Black - Fine 240 grit