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E-Pedi Kit

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E-Pedi Kit  

Our new "E-PEDI KIT" taking your pedicures to the next level.

NO more water, NO soaking, NO dirty hand operated foot files, NO more repetitive
action required to get an amazing finish and results that will blow your mind!

NO blades, NO cutting it's all about reducing and exfoliation!
Designed for each step of the way to remove and reduce hard skin and stubborn
calluses, reducing and improving fissures and cracks, to polishing the foot to

Kit Includes:

  • The Thistle - Fine Grade, used for lifting cuticle, removing and reducing dead protein, concentrating on problem areas such as cracks and fissures. 
  • The Bramble - Medium Grade, used for removing the cuticle, reducing calluses and reducing fissures and cracks.
  • The Blueberry - Medium Grade, used for exfoliating dead cells from the foot, reducing hard skin and calluses as well as problem areas. 
  • The Silicon Polisher - Medium Grade, made of silicon, perfect for polishing skin, finishing and refining areas of the skin at the end of your treatment. 


How to clean your e-file bits: 

  • A short cycle on our Willow Ultra cleanse Machine or alternatively washing them in warm soapy water.
  • Spray evenly with Willow Spray & Go 2 in 1 & leave for 2 minutes then dry.
  • Alternatively you can soak them in your preferred disinfectant for the advised amount of time only. 
  • However over-steeping your pieces will shorten the life of your e-file bits.
  • Silicone pieces are not to be steeped in solution

E-Pedi Kit