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Dust The Two Of Us - Dust Caps

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You can now protect your E-file hand-piece bearings from dust by applying our silicone “Dust the two of us” caps onto each e-file bit.

These little gems are hard to remove so you will need to have one per bit.



1. Choose your desired e-file bit.

2. Apply “Dust the Two of us” with the tapered end towards the head of the bit and the wider end towards your hand-piece.

3. Slide with pressure to your preferred height on your drill bit shaft - make sure it it is far enough on to put your bit into the hand-piece, having your bit too far out can be dangerous and cause vibration.

4. Apply into your e-file machine as normal and make sure dust protector is as close as possible to your machine but, so it can protect it, but not touching.


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Dust The Two Of Us - Dust Caps