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The Acrylic Bit Bundle

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Acrylic Bit Bundle

For those unsure, switched systems or simply want to try something new we have designed "Bit Bundles" suited to different systems needs! 

They are a handy collection to save you doing the research and some pennies!

Usually £52.50 plus vat when sold individually

Bundle price £39.00 plus vat  

The bit selected for each bundle is just one combination that you could use. There are many other combinations to try. If this bundle isn't for you why not create your own by taking our "Which Bit Quiz" where the results will list everything suitable for you and your system. 

"The 5 in 1" - Extra Coarse -


  • Consisting of 3 grades.
  • Medium in the very tip, Coarse in the belly of the bit and Extra Coarse in the base of the bit. 
  • Straight-cut
  • Safety Bit (R-cut)
  • Speciality Carbide 
  • Two-way use 
  • Right handed & left handed
  • Lifespan 4-6 months 

"The Wee Bit" - Medium -

Refining product around the cuticle area, cutting designs, removing over spilled product from the side walls and under the free edge.

  • Carbide Bit
  • Medium Grade
  • Small Cone
  • Safety piece
  • Right & Left handed 
  • Lifespan up to 8 months

"The Penultimate" - Fine -

Refining product after application

  • Fine Grade
  • Round Top Barrel

  • Safety Bit Carbide
  • The rounded smooth top allows you to cut close to the cuticle with confidence
  • Right handed & left handed
  • Lifespan 2-3 months

The bits must be cleaned periodically to remain sharp, by following the manufacturer's instructions. 



    • Use warm soapy water, our Spit-Spot-Bit-Pot and our Willow Brass Brush to remove the dust and product debris from within the grits, flutes and teeth. 
    • Do not allow the bit to air dry!
    • Once the bit is fully clean and dry you can use your preferred sterilising method. 
    • We recommend our "Willow Spray & Go" system as the less time your bits spend immersed in solution, the better!
    • Lay your E-file bits on a towel and evenly spray the Spray & Go over all of the bits.
    • Roll the bits over and spray evenly again.
    • If soaking in Barbicide please only steep for the recommended time, over-steeping can dull your drill bits.
    • Wait 2 mins and then dry all of your bits thoroughly by hand (do not leave to  air dry)
    • Store in your bit case or bit book.


The Acrylic Bit Bundle