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Willow Academy

Acrylic Extensions 2 Day Course - Cambridgeshire

Willow Head Educator: Lucy James, Cambridgeshire

Acrylic Extensions 2 Day Course


Hosted by Lucy James at "Willow Academy"


Time:  10-4pm x 2 Days 
Sandalwood Farm 
33, Back Road,
PE13 4JW

Willow Nail courses are non-brand specific. This gives you the opportunity to use whichever brand you wish. Willow promotes "freedom of choice" and offers support for all techs, whatever you use.

Willow's "Acrylic Extensions Course" for complete beginners. Ideal for beginners who wish to learn the basics of how to apply Acrylic Extensions. The course will take place over 2 days with 4 weeks between the first and second day where you will be required to do 3 case studies.

(Case studies consist of 3 sets of Acrylic extensions photographed and submitted to your educator)


Course Layout:

Day 1:

  • Morning - Theory 
  • Afternoon - Practical

3-4 week break:

  • Independent study/practice 
  • Completion of 3 case studies photographed for assessment

Day 2:

  • Introduction - Theory
  • Morning - Practical session 
  • Midday - Practical 
  • Afternoon-  Practical Assessment 
  • Afternoon -  Theory & Theory test

A more detailed course plan break down will be included into your pre-course pack.


Prerequisites/ Course Requirements: 

You must already hold a Gel Polish Qualification to be able to attend this course. 

What you will need: 

A basic tools kits is included in the course price which will be listed below. A product kit is not included in the course price. You will not need any tools or products on the day of the course. Products will be provided by your educator for you to use on the day. You will need a notepad and pen, refreshments/Lunch. 

You will be required to carry out the practical session on yourself, therefore, you must have naked nails for the course day. (No extensions, No Gel polish) 

You MUST arrive with NAKED nails.

Unless stated otherwise by your educator you might be working on practice hands during the session. 


What is in your kit:

  • Willow Bag
  • Willow Pen
  • Nail file 180/100 grit
  • Sponge Buffer 180/100 grit 
  • Mini Buffer
  • Cuticle Pusher 
  • Cuticle Nippers 
  • Tip Cutter
  • Stork scissors
  • Hand sanitiser 
  • Dust brush 
  • Acrylic Monomer Dish
  • Acrylic Brush Size 8
  • Nail Glue 
  • Nail Tips 
  • Willow Towel 
  • Willow Apron

(Course kit products may vary if you have duplicates from a previous Willow Course.)


What you will learn: 
  • Health, safety & hygiene
  • Nail anatomy
  • Nail diseases & disorders
  • Understanding the properties of Acrylic and how it works
  • Preparation of work station
  • Client consultation
  • Natural nails preparation
  • Nail tip application
  • Nail tip blending & shaping
  • Acrylic application
  • Shaping, Filing, Finishing 
  • Acrylic extension removal
  • Infill & Re-balance 
  • Aftercare and Maintenance
  • Marketing advice
The Acrylic Extensions Course is FULLY ACCREDITED with ABT and ideal for beginners who wish to add a new service & learn the basics of how to apply Acrylic overlays & tips. 

Course Layout:
To ensure the highest standards of training, students will be required to pass a theory test. The student may be required to download pre-course information and theory at time of booking which will need to be revised prior to their course.  This ensures students come to the course well prepared, so they get the most from their practical training. The practical training is structured around the course material, which is divided into four parts.
1. Anatomy and physiology of the nail 
2. Hygiene, Health & Safety 
3. The Treatment
4. Regulatory and statutory requirements.
Emphasis is placed on the student understanding the practicalities of providing a professional treatment. They will be shown how to carry out a full set of Acrylic Extensions and be expected to carry out the treatment on themselves/practice hands. This course will be run over 2 days.
Day One: Theory & Acrylic fundamentals. Practical of natural nail prep, application of tips including shaping & blending. Application of Acrylic including refinement.
Day Two: Acrylic Infill/Rebalance, Acrylic removal & then you will have your practical  assessment and theory test.

A Gel Polish or Manicure Qualification is essential before booking this course. The awarding of a certificate is subject to submitting three examples of treatments given (during the 3-4 week break between day 1 & 2) as well as your practical assessment. Your educator reserves the right to request further case studies if  they feel they are required. 

Please read our terms and conditions before booking.

Acrylic Extensions 2 Day Course - Cambridgeshire