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Limited Edition -Black:


The unrivalled Willow E-file Pro. We've invested our knowledge into a machine rather than just talking the TORQUE! And this time it's available in black!

A machine designed by a nail tech for nail techs.

Willow understands what's missing from the E-file Machine market and that's TORQUE. Our machine has a high level of Torque of 2.8ncm which means only a light touch is needed when E-filing. We also know how important it is to have stability to create refined, precise work and execute the perfect prep we all aspire to create.

Your E-file needs to be comfortable. Hand pieces can be top-heavy which can result in aches by the end of the day. So we have created a super-skinny, pen-like, lightweight machine that will be a breeze to use!

Our Hand-piece is also "Brushless" - the majority of machines on the market have a "brush-motor" with a "carbon brush" which often needs replacing and makes the machine noisy. Our "Brushless" hand-piece means no replacing of the carbon brush, higher power and it is silent in comparison.

Let's not forget how beautiful the machine is!

We also understand that E-files have a stigma behind them which we are working incredibly hard to break. Many clients & also nail technicians associate the sound of an E-file with a bad experience like the dentist or a walk-in nail bar. This is why we have created a super-quiet machine - to make your clients feel at ease and not intimidated by its power.

Here are the finer details:

  • 30,000 rpm
  • Genuine High Torque 2.8ncm
  • Brushless Hand-piece
  • Light weight, Sleek Pen like size hand-piece with Willow engraving
  • To break the stigma, it's absolutely silent compared to other machines on the market! This means clients do not run for the hills when turned on!
  • Portable machine with Table Top Caddy - so perfect for mobile techs as well as Salon/home-based
  • No plugging in required- so fewer wires
  • Forward & Reverse Actions
  • Rechargeable with up to 20 hour battery life
  • Variable speed control
  • Uses standard shaft width 3/32" Bits
  • No Vibration
  • Easy Speed dial: 1=5rpm 2=10rpm 3=15rpm 4=20rpm 5=25rpm max=30rpm
  • Limited edition colour

The Willow E-file Pro is equipped with a premium lithium battery which must be kept charged in order to preserve battery longevity. Please do not leave the battery uncharged for more than a month as this will deplete and damage the battery and may affect your warranty. Please contact us if you require more guidance or information at

* Please note that discount codes are not applicable to the E-file Pro 

Payment link for S. Scott