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Zephyros Dust Collector - Gold

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The Zephyros Dust Collector

This dust collector manufactured in Korea has flown through all our testing both in-house and with professionals and is by far the best of its kind we've seen. 

The collector itself uses a powerful fan to create a low air pressure above the large air vents. By placing a microfibre filter paper on top of this air vent the dust is drawn to the filter and can be easily disposed of afterwards.


  • Beautiful Metallic Gold colour 
  • Table top unit - no need to fit into your table 
  • Easily moveable 
  • Perfect for mobile techs too 
  • Comes with 20 free filter sheets 
  • 50 watts of power
  • Maximum 51db volume
  • 900g in weight
  • 29 x 19 x 10 cm
  • 1.4 m/s of downdraft (over COSHH SR13 guidelines recommendation)
  • Power adaptor

Odours/Fumes: This is a dust collection unit, it deals very well with containing dust using a medical-grade filter. It deals with odours by inhaling them above the filter and sending them away, out of the immediate environment. Carbon filters are available to help reduce odours/fumes.

Zephyros Dust Collector - Gold