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Willow Gel Polish Kit

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Willow Gel Polish Kit

The perfect E-file bit combo to kit you out for our Gel polish only techs!

Gel polish removal & Prep in one bundle!

Whether you use rubber base or normal base you're ready for fingers and toes! 

Kit contains: 

  • The Opal - Extra Fine
  • The Mini Smoothie - Fine 
  • The Fine Ball - Fine 
  • The Anastasia - Medium 

What are they fab for...?



  • Speciality Carbide
  • Rugby Shape 
  • Extra Fine Grade
  • Speciality coating making your bit last 4 times as long
  • Safety Piece 
  • Fits all E-file machines 
  • Standard shaft width of 3/32"
  • Benefits are removing superficial layers without disturbing your base
  • Perfect for: Removing Gel polish, especially brands that don't have a rubber base, infills of any product.

"The Mini Smoothie:

  • Removing Gel Polish from the natural nail 
  • Perfect for Gel/Acrylic Toe removals and also Fingernails! 
  • Removal of small areas of product lifting
  • For the removal of product only (must not touch the natural nail) 
  • Fine Grade
  • Safety Carbide Bit 
  • Speciality piece
  • Right handed use
  • Tin Coated making it last twice as long 
  • Tungsten Steel 
  • 3/32" width 
  • Fits all E-File Machines 

"The Ball" - Fine *NEW*

A variation of one of our best sellers -  the "Fine Ball" is the perfect shape for removing dead protein and cuticle in place of cuticle nippers.

  • Diamond Bit
  • 100% Tungsten Steel
  • Cuticle Bit 
  • Ball shape 
  • Fine Grade 
  • Suitable for Manicure & Pedicure 
  • Step 2 piece 
  • Perfect for removing dead protein & cuticle 
  • For clients with less cuticle but in need of a smaller ball to get into those hard to reach areas (it is the same size as the Medium Ball) 
  • Standard shaft width of 3/32" 
  • Fits all E-file Machines 

"The Anastasia" 

One of our best sellers  - the "Anastasia" is the perfect shape for separating the proximal nail fold in place of the cuticle pusher. The flat tip and edge is the perfect shape to separate the skin from the nail plate and reach down into the side walls. 

  • Diamond Bit
  • 100% Tungsten Steel
  • Cuticle Bit 
  • Sciver shape 
  • Medium Grade 
  • Suitable for Manicure & Pedicure 
  • Step 1 piece 
  • Perfect for separating the skin from the nail plate 
  • Standard shaft width of 3/32" 
  • Fits all E-file Machines 


Please note: Does not come in a bit box

Willow Gel Polish Kit