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Ultimate E-file Course Kit Bundle - with Willow E-file Prime machine

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The Willow E-file course kit bundle

All the kit you need for the Willow E-file Course in one!*

This bundle contains all the bits you need to train with Willow in a handy bundle. 


What's in the E-file course bundle?

  • Willow Carbide Kit of your choice 
  • Willow Cuticle Kit
  • Carbide Mandrel
  • Sanding bands: fine & medium grit
  • Willow E-file Prime Machine (AVAILABLE IN WHITE ONLY)


What's the difference in the kits? 

Silver (Original):
The Silver Kit is made up of our 5 best Willow pieces. In plain silver appearance made from Tungsten Steel & coated in Nickel. Lasts 2-3 months

This contains our 'Purple Rain(ge) kit - the same as the Original 5 bit Willow Kit but specially coated! The speciality layer has a two tone purple & bronze appearance which protects the bits from oxidisation, meaning they last twice as long as regular Efile Bits. Lasts 4-6 months

Gold - Tin:
This features our Gold Kit- Tin: made up of the Original 5 bit Willow Kit pieces but coated in our new upgraded material TIN.

The Gold appearance isn't just to make them more "oooooooh!" -  the gold coating is our new upgrade that makes the bits last twice as long! That's double the bit for your money! Lasts 4-6 months

Black Dual Kit Left handed & Right handed:
This features our 5 bit Left Handed & right handed Willow Kit keeping 'Lefties' in mind! If you are left handed you must use this kit. This is because the flutes of the teeth are manufactured in the correct rotation. This kit is specially coated in a carbon like material making it Lasts up to 8 months

* Please note the E-file course kit bundle does not include the E-file machine.

Ultimate E-file Course Kit Bundle - with Willow E-file Prime machine