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Toe-tally Smooth Big Toe Waxing - Online Course

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This online course is fully accredited by ABT (ABT accreditation is valid in the UK, please see details below for international students.) 

If you have ever been to a pedicure appointment & realised you have forgotten to shave your big toe, then you know the embarrassment. 

With this course, you have got your clients covered, with a hair removal process that will last just as long as their pedicure.

Toe waxing is a fantastic extra to elevate your pedicure service making your treatment stand out from the crowd!

The Details

This course is focused on the removal of hair from the big toe & surrounding toes only and is not transferable to other areas of the body.


How is the course delivered?

This online course will give you access to 4 individual step-by-step modules which will guide you through all the equipment, techniques, health and safety and correct procedures that will leave you ready to perform the waxing of the big toe. You will be given modules and tests to complete as well as case studies for your final assessments. Once you start your course you will have 24 weeks to complete it.


Will I have access to a Willow Educator?

Every step of the way you will have access to your own dedicated Willow educator who will provide detailed feedback to ensure that you are administering the treatment correctly, safely and effectively. Your educator will give you personalised feedback to help guide you with your personal professional development.


I'm not based in the UK, can I take this course?

Yes - absolutely. As this is an online and self paced course, it is ideal for international students. You just need to make sure that you have the relevant qualifications for your country of residence. Please email us at for more information.


What's covered in the Willow Home Educate E-file Course?


Mod 1:

  • The structure of the skin & hair follicle (Theory)
  • Theory test to complete (Multiple choice)


Mod 2: 

  • Wax & Wax heaters (Theory) 
  • Theory test to complete (Multiple choice)


Mod 3:

  • Health & Safety
  • Theory test to complete (Multiple choice)


Mod 4:

  • Step by step Manual (Theory)
  • Practical Video - Picking up wax correctly
  • Practical Video - The procedure 
  • Case Studies x 2 for assessment

Toe-tally Smooth Big Toe Waxing - Online Course