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Limited Edition Willow E-file Pro Machine - Inspired by Beauty Works By Amy

Limited Edition Willow E-file Pro:
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Our limited edition E-file Pro design inspired by one of our very talented BA Amy Rickaby.
We have captured Amy's iconic tortie style in our brand new design and we hope you love it as much as we do!
                     The inspiration                                 The Finished Product


Please note: this listing is for Pre-Orders only. We expect to be able to dispatch Pre-Ordered machines in March but you will be contacted with an updated estimated dispatch date in due course.

If you need your E-file machine for a Willow E-file course, please list the course date in the notes at checkout and we will contact you.

The unrivalled Willow E-file Pro. We've invested our knowledge into a machine rather than just talking the TORQUE!

A machine designed by a nail tech for nail techs.

Willow understands what's missing from the E-file Machine market and that's TORQUE. Our machine has a high level of Torque of 2.8ncm which means only a light touch is needed when E-filing. We also know how important it is to have stability to create refined, precise work and execute the perfect prep we all aspire to create.

Your E-file needs to be comfortable. Hand pieces can be top-heavy which can result in aches by the end of the day. So we have created a super-skinny, pen-like, lightweight machine that will be a breeze to use!

Our Hand-piece is also "Brushless" which is a new design to 2020. The majority of machines on the market have a "brush-motor" with a "carbon brush" which often needs replacing and makes the machine noisy. Our "Brushless" hand-piece means no replacing of the carbon brush, higher power and it is silent in comparison.

Let's not forget how beautiful this limited edition machine is!

We also understand that E-files have a stigma behind them which we are working incredibly hard to break. Many clients & also nail technicians associate the sound of an E-file with a bad experience like the dentist or a walk-in nail bar. This is why we have created a super-quiet machine - to make your clients feel at ease and not intimidated by its power.

Here are the finer details:

  • 30,000 rpm
  • Genuine High Torque 2.8ncm
  • Brushless Hand-piece
  • Light weight, Sleek Pen like size hand-piece with Willow engraving
  • To break the stigma, it's absolutely silent compared to other machines on the market! This means clients do not run for the hills when turned on!
  • Portable machine with Table Top Caddy - so perfect for mobile techs as well as Salon/home-based
  • No plugging in required- so fewer wires
  • Forward & Reverse Actions
  • Rechargeable with up to 20 hour battery life
  • Variable speed control
  • Uses standard shaft width 3/32" Bits
  • No Vibration
  • Easy Speed dial: 1=5rpm 2=10rpm 3=15rpm 4=20rpm 5=25rpm max=30rpm

* Please note that discount codes are not applicable to the E-file Pro 

Limited Edition Willow E-file Pro Machine - Inspired by Beauty Works By Amy