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Welcome to #WillowConfidence

With so many E-file bits our there, how do you know which bits you need and how to use them correctly?  


We don't just sell E-file bits, we know them inside out and now we want to share that knowledge with you. That's why we've launched our #WillowConfidence campaign.


#WillowConfidence Cards

With every bit ordered you will receive a #WillowConfidence Card containing everything you need to know about your Willow piece.
It will contain: Its name, shape, level of grit, uses, cleaning instructions, coating and lifespan. Not to mention a handy date box for you to fill in at purchase so you can keep track of when you need to replace.



#WillowConfidence Quiz

And that's not all! We have also launched our Willow Which Bit Quiz!
If you feel unsure about which bit you can use, take our interactive quiz to find out which bit we recommend for the job you want to do! You're welcome!


Take the Willow Which Bit Quiz!


After all...


If the instructions are unknown then so is your potential...


Invest in Willow because we provide the knowledge so you can gain the confidence.



Team Willow X