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Willow Tool Tonic Bundle

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Willow Tool Tonic Bundle

Tonic + Microfibre Cloth

Tools are jewels! Care for them just like you do your clients’ nails. It’s important to wash your tools between every client & keep them lubricated as just like cuticles they need to stay nourished to keep those important hinges tip top. Coating & finishing can begin to tarnish if they aren’t buffed frequently.

1. Wash your tools in warm soapy water
2. Remove & dry thoroughly
3. Lay your tools on a towel & spray evenly with our Spray & Go! Or alternatively wipe with a Willow Wipe
4. Dry thoroughly (this is important!)
5. Evenly & sparingly spray over the tool with the tonic
6. Using the Willow Micro-fibre cloth buff the tonic into the tool
7. Be sure that joints are dry from water but lubricated with tonic

90-98% Mineral oil
Proprietary additives 2%
- non scented

This product has not been tested or stated to be suitable for medical or pharmaceutical use but for tools only.

Microfibre Cloth Details: 

  • Thick quality Microfibre 
  • White 
  • 28.5cm x 29.5cm

Willow Tool Tonic Bundle