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"Perfect Prep" Level 2 - London


London Educator: Annabel Ifill

Willow's "Perfect Prep Course" concentrating on the perfect cuticle prep using the whole range of Willow Diamond Bits. This course is dedicated to prep only.

You must already hold an E-file Qualification as this is a Level 2 course. This does not need to be with Willow but must be a recognised accredited qualification. The Perfect Prep course is fully accredited with ABT via our fully insured Educator.

Camborne Road, Sutton, London

Total course fee: £110.00 . (excludes Kits required)
Courses are Non-refundable - please see our terms and conditions. 

Are you wishing to up your E-file Prep game?

Then this is the course for you. We will go through the stages of prep using an E-file & show you how to use each and every one of the Willow Cuticle Bits. Here at Willow, we are advocates for the "Willow Way" this means working "Your Way". If you wish to solely use E-file for prep, we have got you covered. If you would like to use a combination of E-file prep and traditional methods, then we are here to support you every step of the way.

There is no right or wrong - it's all about using the method that suits you and we adapt our teaching to each student to complement this.

What are the benefits using E-file for cuticle work? 
  • It cuts down your treatment time meaning more profit
  • You can create a more thorough prep & refinement resulting in longer lasting enhancements
  • It creates a clean and aesthetically pleasing polished look
  • This method helps reduce and prevent hang nails
  • Perfect for problem clients that need a little more attention
  • Less strain on the body
  • Using a form of exfoliation rather than cutting
What will I learn?
  • The different types of Cuticle E-file Bits available on the market, not just the Willow range
  • The various materials Cuticle E-file bits are made from, their benefits and properties
  • The different styles of Cuticle E-file bits, their uses, shapes, longevity, grades explained
  • How cuticle bits are manufactured and how the way they are made affects their quality
  • Recommended speeds for each bit and speeds suitable for various skin types
  • Recommended angles and pressures for each bit
  • Recommended directions dependent on bit and method of use for each bit and your orientation
  • E-file Health & Safety, safe work & hygiene
  • How to prep/season your E-file bits, storage to enhance longer life
  • E-file machines explained, teaching you everything from how they work, what to look out for, their buttons/dials & how to use your specific machine.
  • E-file RPM vs Torque explained & why it is important for cuticle prep
  • E-file hand pieces, the differences in models
  • Caring for your E-file, how to prolong its life & servicing
What will I learn from the practical session? 
  • How to identify different skin types and displays of cuticle and easily prescribe a suitable bit
  • How to separate the dead protein from the nail plate safely using various bits
  • How to remove dead protein away safely using methods of exfoliation or combi-manicure
  • How to polish the surrounding skin using diamond bits & silicon bits
  • How to use cuticle nippers & pushers in conjunction with E-file (combi-manicure)
  • How to combine cuticle oil & E-file exfoliation at the end of treatment
  • How to use our miniatures collection for thorough prep getting to the hard-to-reach areas
What will I need for the course? 
  • E-file Machine (non-brand specific) a high torque is preferred for you to get the full benefits of prep
  • You will need the "Perfect Prep Bit bundle" which consists of The Cuticle Kit & Mini-series (Laurel, Fleur & Sweet Pea)
  • The further pieces that will be used are: Kossak Fine, Polisher, Diamond Polisher, however these are not mandatory and can be provided on the day
  • NO model required - you will work on yourself to understand pressure and placement safely and experience the comfort a client should feel during the E-file prep routine
  • You MUST have NO nail enhancements on - Naked nails please
  • You MUST be in need of cuticle work, they must be overgrown, as we cannot teach you to remove what simply isn't there. Please do not arrive with perfect cuticles!
  • You must have a qualification in E-file. This doesn't have to be with Willow, but it must be from a reputable accredited provider.

Please note:
This course is aimed at those who have an understanding, qualification & experience in E-file. To ensure the highest standards of training, students will be required to show an understanding of the Machine, Bits & how to use them correctly and safely to pass.


Please read our terms and conditions before booking.

"Perfect Prep" Level 2 - London